How I Re-designed Brand & category pages for buyceps

Praneeth Jonnala
3 min readFeb 27, 2022


It’s been two months already since I started designing experiences for health and fitness enthusiasts. These two months were super fun and productive in my design carrier with a lot of learning and meetings.

After two weeks of joining I was told to Re-design the listing pages(brand & category pages) for buyceps⚡. Let's see how I did it.

Understanding the problems in the current design 🤔

  • Missing the look and feel of the brand.
  • How the brand looks
  • Why the particular category is used for
  • No authenticity of the brand
  • Trust & safety metrics are missing

Ideating the solution 🤓

Designing/Building profile for each brand to give the actual look & feel

Take-1 🎬(starting safe & Ruff)

Trying to use the available data with us to increase the authenticity and trust of the brand

wireframing initial ideas


Now we have the data to showcase the authenticity of the brand but still, the look and feel are missing. when I say Divine nutrition — As a user, you really didn’t know how the brand looks. general questions like “how the logo looks? what would be the brand color?” still remain unanswered. So will add them

2nd iterations

Take-3 🎬 Making things real

Now we got everything we needed “Look and feel, authenticity factors”. But the scaling was an issue what if we have to use multiple add banners. cover banner won’t work definitely!

3rd iterations

Final Take-4 🎬 The design

Yes Yes! it, Is not a final take the design went through a lot of iterations and reviews finally we decided we will go with this⤵️

Comparison between Old and New design

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